Wood Family Farm

About Us

Wood Family Farm is a family operated, small farm located in the lush mid-Willamette Valley midway between Albany and Salem.  We raise pork, lamb and beef.

          Our goals are to raise and train our children in the acknowledgement of God’s creation, raise our animals in a manner consistent with their design, and produce products that reflect our values in their quality, taste and nutrition.

          Our pigs are born on our farm and, as weather permits, enjoy the outdoors. Our pigs are fed a wholesome grain diet free of by-products, antibiotics or artificial stimulants. We feature a wide assortment of pork cuts, including 4 different types of sausage. Our sausages are seasoned with natural herbs and spices and contain no preservatives.

          Our lamb and beef are a natural compliment to the lush grasses grown in the Willamette Valley. When grass is in short supply, we supplement our beef and lambs with locally grown hay and vegetables from neighboring farms.  We receive many compliments on the delicious flavor of our pork, lamb and beef.

          By raising our animals outdoors and in low density, we do not need to use antibiotics on a routine basis. However, if a situation occurs that warrants the use of antibiotics, they are prudently used. Antibiotics, hormones and meat by-products are not included in our feed rations.

          We strive to be wise stewards of our animals and land. The manure produced by our animals when they are indoors is spread on the pastures and gardens as fertilizer. The wool is spun into yarn, batting, roving and felt. The lard from the pigs is made into soap. Dog treats are made with eggs from our chickens.

          Our children are involved with every aspect of our farm as we daily work together. Each child has also developed his own business. Management decisions for the farm are made during weekly family meetings with the children involved in planning and problem solving.      

Our products may be purchased at the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market, Albany Farmers Market, Corvallis Farmers Market and our farm by appointment.

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The Wood Farm is operated by some fine folks who strive to grow and process their livestock in a fashion that is in tune with the way nature intended. The family is hard-working, honest and desirous of providing quality. I would highly recommend the Wood Family Farm to anyone seeking an honest food product at a fair price.

Comment by John Hartman

Thanks for your enthusiastic endorsement of our products and kind remarks about our family.

Comment by woodfamilyfarm

The products continue to please and we are pleased to have become a Farm Share member of the Wood Family Farm. These folks are the real deal.

Comment by John Hartman

Buy the rib eye steaks. You’ll never, ever regret doing so.

Comment by John Hartman

Our family was introduced to this farm by a friend. We have been nothing short of thrilled by the products and customer service Wood Family Farm has to offer. We have recommended their wares to our friends, who have also become customers. Positive word of mouth is truly the best sign of good business and we have been happy to spread the good news.
If you are unfamiliar with cooking/eating properly raised (grass fed, etc.) meat, which is much leaner and far more flavorful, we would recommend a cookbook which specializes in such things. “The Grassfed Gourmet” by Shannon Hayes has been very helpful to us.

Comment by Fiona Thompson

Thank you for the gracious comments, Fiona, and the cookbook recommendation. I will need to list it on our “Food Reads” page.

Comment by woodfamilyfarm

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