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Blue Goat Amity, OR
May 17, 2011, 9:08 pm
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An unexpected blessing this year has been selling our beef to the Blue Goat Restaurant in Amity, Oregon. The Blue Goat is a new restaurant with a committment to providing their customers with local foods at an affordable price.

The owners of the Blue Goat purchase the entire beef animal from us. Their chef cuts the carcass into the various portions for his menu. One afternoon for lunch, the children enjoyed hamburgers made from freshly ground beef seasoned with various spices served on homemade buns made in their earthen oven. I savored a beef sausage served with polenta and grilled raab. Simply delicious! 

I encourage you to experience the Blue Goat Restaurant in Amity. Their menu changes daily.  A sample menu can be seen at their website: amitybluegoat.com, along with hours of operation and directions.


Salt by Mark Kurlansky Review
May 10, 2011, 9:33 am
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Salt by Mark Kurlansky is an entertaining, as well as, an eye-opening account of the history of one of Man’s most basic commodities: salt. Although “salt” is an item I use nearly every day, I have never contemplated how it came to my table or its impact on history. After reading Salt, I no longer take this humble seasoning for granted.

One tidbit that I found interesting is the role of “salt” in sustaining an army. Kurlansky notes that Napoleon’s army was bereft of salt as it retreating from Russia. Without salt as an antiseptic (OUCH!), minor wounds became fatal. Armies were paid with salt and salt was viewed as a necessary provision.

“Worth your salt” refers to the amount of work you accomplished since salt was used as a medium of commerce.

Kurlansky’s description of salt mining and evaporating was educational. The picture on my “Celtic Sea Salt” of a salt raker made sense to me after reading this book.

Salt was not a book I read rapidly. Each chapter is self-contained enough to easily put the book down and return to later without losing the flow of narration.

I found Salt to be informative, entertaining and a pleasure to read.

May Market Special
May 5, 2011, 8:00 pm
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May is here and with a new month, we have a new market special! This month, your first two packages breakfast and/or Italian bulk sausage is only $5.00/lb. (regular price is $6.00-6.50/lb.).

Treat Mom to a breakfast with Wood Family Farm breakfast sausage or dinner with pasta and Wood Family Farm Italian sausage. Yum!