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Hog hooking
March 2, 2012, 3:25 am
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Dan had an interesting experience today. He hooked a hog. Now, many of you may know that Dan is quite a bass fisherman. He has never hooked a hog (another name for a large-mouth bass) quite the size of the hog he hooked today. Dan was working in the pig pen repairing a feeder. He needed another tool from the shop. He left his bucket of tools in the pig pen and went to the shop. As he returned to the pig pen, he heard an awful scream that continued unceasingly. The cause of the screaming became apparent as Dan entered the pig pen. A bungee cord was in the bucket of tools that Dan left in the pig pen. Somehow, the pig had managed to hook one end of the bungee cord to the feeder and the other end was hooked in the pig’s mouth. The bungee cord was stretched taut with a feeder on one end and a terrified, screaming pig on the other end. The pig pulled with all four feet, backing away from the feeder. The bungee cord was stretching tighter and tighter. The pig was screaming louder and louder.  Before Dan could decide whether to “fish or cut bait”, the hook slipped from the pig’s mouth and shot like a bullet toward the feeder. “Wow!” thought Dan, reflecting on his years of ‘hog-fishin’. “You should have seen the size of the one that got away!” 

Indoor Winter Market begins January 14
January 11, 2012, 10:59 pm
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Another season for the Corvallis Indoor Winter Market will be underway this Saturday, January 14 in Gueber Hall at the Benton County Fairgrounds from 9:00-1:00. We will be in our usual place next to Wilt Farm Blueberries. See our “Current Inventory” page for our selections.

2012 is a special year for us as we mark the 20 year anniversary of the founding of Wood Family Farm. We plan to give you few stories about our adventure in farming over the course of the coming year. Here are a few bit of trivia about our farm. Did you know:

1. We were once in the oil business–the peppermint oil business to be exact?

2. At one time, we supply over 20 grocery stores and produce stands in Salem and Portland with melons?

3. We were one of the first farms to begin selling meat at farmers’ markets in the state of Oregon and the first meat vendors in Corvallis and Albany?

4. We began direct marketing in 1994?

5. We raised nearly a thousand broilers one summer?

6. We helped start two local farmers’ market?

Yes, we have had lots of adventures throughout the past 20 years. Hopefully, you will gain a glimpse of our story in the coming months. Stay tuned!