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March 2015 News
March 6, 2015, 3:01 pm
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I certainly hope you have been able to enjoy the lovely weather. The animals are enjoying being outdoors on the pasture and in the sunshine.

March Specials:

March Market Special: Bockwurst Links for $7.50/lb, regularly priced at $8.00/lb. Dan is planning to sample this new sausage at the Indoor Market on Saturday. Stop by and have taste.

Customer Pork and Beef orders:
We still have a few whole and half pigs available this March and April. The next set of pigs will available in June and July.

Our beef is selling quickly. Right now, we are selling our May beeves. If you think you are interested in a quarter, half, or whole beef, reserve your beef as soon as possible. We are processing one beef each month.

Farm news:
We will not be offering our farm eggs this year due to the unplanned visit of a mink during December. Our chickens experienced extensive stress in December. First, our chickens were terrorized by a red-tail hawk that enjoyed perching on the overhead electrical wires and leering down at our chickens with an evil look in his eye. Then one day, the hawk put his nasty plans into action and kill a chicken. The hawk was prevented from doing further damage when a mink came to visit the chickens the next night. The mink’s handiwork¬† was noticed the next morning when one of the kids went to collect the eggs. The inside of the chicken house was littered with dead chickens. Only four chickens out of twenty-five survived the massacre. What tactics those surviving chickens used to elude the attacker will remain a mystery.

With the slaughter of the majority of our layer chicken flock, we had to decide whether to raise more layer chickens this year. At this point, no one felt they had the time or energy to devote to layer chickens. So, we decided not to replenish our egg laying flock this year. Thank you to all of you who have enjoyed our eggs through the years.