Wood Family Farm

Indoor Market Continues
March 30, 2011, 8:38 pm
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The Corvallis Indoor Winter continues for the next two weeks and, yes, we will be there. See our “Current Inventory” page for our selections.

Four more calves arrived at the farm today. They will be ready for processing in about 20 months. Our daughter is doing a great job raising the calves this year. They are raised on milk for 8 weeks and then weaned. At about 2 weeks of age, they begin to nibble on grass. Our daughter makes halters for the young calves and tethers them around the yard and barnyard to eat the grass. When they are about 4 weeks old, the calves are moved to a community pen and graze in small paddocks. By the time they are weaned at eight weeks, the calves are hearty grass eaters.


Scene from my Kitchen Window
March 17, 2011, 6:37 pm
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I absolutely love the drama of spring weather. We just experienced a torrent of hail and rain. The sky was dark grey, the temperature dropped suddenly and, then, the rain and hail was flung from the sky with power and intensity. As suddenly as it came, the squall passed. The bright sun broke out of the clouds, the sky cleared and all was calm and fresh-smelling.

As I look from my kitchen window, I see the crisp, blue sky, the Cascade foothills dappled in snow, the bright green of spring grass and the Jersey steers calming grazing in the pasture. Arching from the south side of our farm to the north side, a double rainbow crowns the entire scene.

Simply lovely.